Foxon Park Soda: a Moxie of my Own

by Foodie Fatale on May 12, 2013

in Connecticut,The Family Business


A small glass of deep violet liquid, offset by tiny white bubbles, dancing in effervescence. The taste is syrupy and sweet, unabashedly artificial in its grape flavor, with a slight hint of the familiar fruit essence. Exploding carbonation intensifies the taste…

Charles Passy passionately declared his love of Moxie soda in his recent Wall Street Journal post “Why Soda is the Great American Beverage”

I’ve got “Moxie” of my own. It’s called “Foxon Park.”

I grew up in Connecticut in the 1970s and my parents didn’t drink soda.  Not only did I never pine for it- I disliked it.

There was one exception to this rule. When we went out for Pepe’s pizza (the religion of choice in my family), I was allowed a bottle of Foxon Park Grape soda, the taste of which was perfectly suited to the pizza. In my young opinion, it was in a class of its own- and incomparable to Welch’s.


Foxon Park is a cultural institution in Connecticut, infused with nostalgia. My love of the soda is not only about its taste, it’s about seeing my great Aunt Chris drink a glass of Foxon Park strawberry soda at the kitchen table. It’s about hearing my father describe the delivery of Foxon Park seltzer bottles to his house when he was little, and the spray fights that ensued.

I also love the fact that the 80-year-old company is still a family-owned and -run business. And those 12oz bottles are still glass. The soda labels and website now brag: “Made with 100% Real sugar.” 

With age, my preference has shifted from Grape to White Birch Beer (which I enjoyed as recently as this past Thursday at Pepe’s, of course). I do still occasionally buy a bottle of Grape, for old time’s sake.

Some taste are timeless. Whether it is Grape or White Birch, Foxon Park  stays close to my stomach, and my heart. And although I still don’t drink soda, I do drink Foxon Park.


  • Ethelred

    It’s sp great to see some companies left which aren’t run by financial people who care more for the bottom line than quality. What a distinction between this firm and megafirm Coke which sweetens its sodas with high fructose corn syrup (condemned by many health professionals) which may account for the increasing importation of Mexican Coke also sweetened with real cane syrup – Coke’s initial reaction was threats on the grounds of selling outside their frenchise area. In any event I like Foxon Park Cola better.

    I no longer live in CT but have found FP will ship all over the coiuntry.

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