Campari & Grapefruit at Homestead Inn & Thomas Henkelmann

by Foodie Fatale on April 25, 2013

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Campari and Grapefruit at THOMAS HENKELMANN

Stepping onto the grounds of Homestead Inn and Thomas Henkelmann in Greenwich, Connecticut is transcendant in that you are immediately, magically in Europe. I will save describing the beauty of a meal at  Thomas Henkelmann and instead tell you about the most delicious drink I enjoyed last Saturday evening.

I stopped at Homestead’s elegant bar en route to hear Barbara Cook at The Performing Arts Center in Purchase. Given the evening’s classic entertainment and the buds on the trees, it seemed fitting to order a timeless drink that I usually reserve for warm weather: Campari & Grapefruit.

Bartender Astley, dapper as always in a crisp ivory traditional French waiter’s jacket (de rigueur at Thomas Henkelmann), served me the very best I have tasted. Icy cold and a perfect balance of the bitter Campari and sweet-tart grapefruit juice.

He told me it was so good because he used a shaker to mix the  juice and Campari. I’m sure that is in part the reason. But I like to think that it is because any drink Astley serves in that lovely setting is beyond compare.


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